Myths About Tattoos

There are so many myths about tattoos, whether how they will look when you get old or how painful to have one.

So if you are looking for answers, here is a quick look to 12 of them.


It’s more painful to get a tattoo on the bone: TRUE

When tattoo needle delivers the ink into your skin, it goes about 2mm deep. On the areas with less fat and thin skin, the needle arrives to your nervous system easily and this really hurts. This means, having one on your clavicle or your hands, it will hurt more.

People have contracted HIV from infected tattoo needles: FALSE

There are no cases that people have contracted HIV for having tattoos. However it’s a potential risk, so you should always get a tattoo from a licensed parlour.


Taking a painkiller before you get a tattoo will make things better: FALSE

Some painkillers like Aspirin are blood thinners and this will make you bleed more. It’s harder to tattoo when you are bleeding and also your tattoo colours may be vibrant.


Chlorine fades your tatoo colors: FALSE

Your tattoo is not a sticker on your skin; you had it under your skins first layer. Nevermind. Just do not swim till your tattoo heals.


It’s possible to have a vegan tattoo: TRUE

Most of the tattoo inks contain bone char and resin. It’s hard to find one but there is such thing as vegan tattoo parlours.


You can’t donate blood: FALSE

You can donate blood, but there are some rules. After having a tattoo, commonly you can’t give blood before 6 months to 1 year. After that, you are free to donate!


It used to be illegal to have a tattoo in New York City: TRUE

Between 1961 and 1997 it was illegal.


You can’t have an epidural if you have a back tattoo: TRUE

Some anesthesiologists think that there is a small risk when they are injecting epidural: ink fragments can go through your spinal cord and cause contamination.